Expand your viscometry applications with
The EMS-1000S Viscometer!


 The ideal viscometer for very small samples
and demanding viscosity measurements

The Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer (EMS viscometer) is a rotational viscometer.

This new type of viscometer:

  • is suitable to measure fluids with viscosities in the range of 0.1 to 1,000,000 mPa·s.

  • can automatically evaluate the temperature dependency of the viscosity in the range of 0 … 200°C within a very short time.

  • is capable of performing determinations of the rheological behaviour of liquids by determining the shear rate dependency of the viscosity.

  • provides a better absolute accuracy and repeatability of the results than classical Rotational Viscometers.

The EMS Viscometer measures the viscosity of liquids through observation of the rotation of a sphere which is driven by electromagnetic interaction. 

The EMS technology distinguishes itself from other rotational viscometers by three main characteristics:

  • All parts of the viscometer which come in direct contact with the sample are disposable and inexpensive.

  • The measurements are performed in a sealed sample vessel.

  • The system requires only very small sample quantities from 90 µL.


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