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EMS-1000S development story


Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with its over 60 years business experience in analytical instruments industry, have been developing and marketing a wide variety of analytical instruments for many industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemical products, food and beverages.


We adopted and rolled out our electrochemical technology to develop volumetric and physical analysis instruments like automatic potentiometric titrators, Karl Fischer moisture titrators, oscillation-type density meter, refractometer and automatic continous analyzer for the food industry. 


Not as just a manufacture of analytical instruments, we have been working on the international standardation of analytical methods, and manufacturing density standard solutions and refractive index standard solutions traceable to national standards. We have been expanding our business while we are always considering how we can contribute our customer business, and have been building trust with them.

After our trial and error for a long time, EMS viscometer was developed to respond above concerns. The instrument has the following unique features.

* Small sample quantity (less than 1mL) for one measurement


* No cleaning required after measurement by using disposable container


* Built-in temperature control system enables temperature accurately just by setting the parameter in the software


* Accurate measurement for the low viscosity range like water

The first generation model released on 2013, EMS-1000 was a new viscometer with very unique features and a tool that can realize many new applications. Although it has received good evaluation from most researchers, there are still room for improvement. Thereore, the second generation model EMS-1000S was released on 2018, with new functions in comparison to the first generation model.

* Small sample quantity (option: 90 micro liter) for one measurement


* Accurate measurement for the low viscosity range samples like water


* Software with user friendly interface 


* Options like low viscosity probe, titanium probe and small volume container are available

At present, more than 130 units of total EMS viscometers have been used in mainly universities and R&D departments of companies, and they have been contributing to many researchers's new inventions and discoveries.

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