004 Viscosity measurement of liquid glue with a small sample volume using EMS viscometer

In the chemical industry, the measurement of viscosity of liquid samples is performed by conventional viscometers such as rheometers and B type viscometer. 
However, these instruments request a large amounts of samples, also the sensors should be cleaned as needed after each measurement.
We believe that this is inconvenient for all operators. 


Our EMS viscometer is able to measure the viscosity with a small amount of sample and does not need to be cleaned after each measurement. That is especially useful for viscosity measurement of sample as liquid glue, which is difficult to be cleaned.

003 Only 100 seconds video of basic operation of EMS viscometer 

This is an introduction video of EMS viscometer to show standard steps from taking sample to after treatment. 
The unique points of this technology is the most easiest usability in the market and not require any experience of operators.
After the measurement starts, the results are displayed within a few seconds (depending on sample property). In addition, the after treatment does not require any washing and cleaning procedures by adopting disposable cup. 
The many of our customers use this instrument to know the viscosity of small sample volume. 
Please take a look at this video if you are interested in this unique technology. 

002 Safety viscosity measurement of harmful chemical sample 

Chemical solutions made from hydrocarbon have generally toxic and harmful chemical property.  
We believe the opened vessels used in conventional viscometers, have some points to be improved in technology, when we consider the safety and possible health damage for operators in the laboratory.  
On the contrary, in our EMS technology, there is no need to consider the safety measures by adopting disposable cup, which is sealed with cap to prevent the sample and the smell from volatilizing. 
Following is application video measuring the viscosity in chemical solvents like Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO), N,N-dimethylformamide(DMF), tetrahydrofuran(THF) and toluene, and the results were obtained as 1.0 mPas with good repeatability.  
Please take a look at this video if you are concerned about the safety for operators in the viscosity measurement.  

001 16 videos to show all steps from installation to operation of EMS viscometer

These videos were prepared to help customers with installation and operation of EMS viscometer by themselves in case our engineer is not able to visit them under COVID-19 outbreak. 
The videos are divided into total 16 chapters, and once the customer watches the videos, they can understand the features, complete the installation, and operate it.