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Food - EMS viscometer -


In food evaluation, not only taste, smell and color, mouthfeel is also a major factor that affects the taste and enjoyment of meals.



For example, chocolate softens around the human body temperature of 36-37 ° C, releasing a rich taste and aroma.
Mouthfeel has a big relationship with viscosity, which varies depending on the temperature. The viscosity changes the mouthfeel dramatically and makes the food pleasant tasting during a meal. 

In addition, swallowing is a very important factor to evaluate liquid food at the hospital. By controlling the viscosity of the liquid food, patients who have difficulty swallowing can rehabilitate and gradually get used to swallowing higher viscosity food. 

The EMS viscometer can observe not only the change in viscosity due to temperature but also the process of changing from liquid to solid in food sample.

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