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FAQ - Technology -


1. Is it possible to measure viscoelasticity ?


Not possible. EMS can only measure absolute viscosity. Unlike other technologies to measure viscosity, EMS can measure a small amount of sample at a low shear rate, so it is possible to measure the small state of the sample at the molecular level, which was very difficult in the past.


2. How is the shear rate calculated ?


The shear rate can be calculated by the following formula.

     Shear rate = 3π× Number of probe rotation per second [rpm]/60

(Reference)Journal of the Society of Rheology, Japan, Vol. 39, (2011) No.1_2, P 29-35


3. What samples are suitable to measure by EMS viscometer ?

  • Liquid pharmaceutical samples

  • Ink products

  • Petroleum products

  • Protein liquid sample

  • Food oil

  • Thermosetting resin


4. What samples are not suitable to measure by EMS viscometer ?

  • Viscoelastic sample

  • Sample with yield value

  • Sample containing particles (interferes with rotation)

  • Non-uniform sample


5. Is EMS method complying with some international standards ?


No, EMS method is not complying with any international standards.

Because the viscometer is generally used in Research and development departments, and it does not require compliance with international standards.


6. We are using Brookfield viscometer. Is the measurement result by EMS viscometer the equal with Brookfield ?


The measurement results by EMS viscometer is not generally be the equal with results by Brookfield. Because the measurement principle between these methods is different. However, depending on the sample, the behavior may be the correalation, in which case it is possible for the customer to convert it by themselves and adjust with the expected value.

FAQ - Maintenance -


1. Is it possible to send our sample to measure by EMS viscometer ? ​


Yes, it is possible. Please send us message on the screen of “Contact”.


2. Is it possible for you to arrange demonstration unit if we want to see at our laboratory ?


Yes, our local distributor can organize demonstration at your laboratory with free of charge. Please send us message on the screen of “Contact”.

FAQ - Trying out EMS viscometer -


1. What kind of consumables are required ?


No other consumables than disposable cup, septum and cap. 


2. It is possible for us to check the instrument's performance by ourselves ?


Yes, it is possible for operator to check the performance using a commercially viscosity standard solution.

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