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 Fine chemical

Fine chemical - EMS viscometer -


New materials in the industry have been developed day by day, however, it is difficult to say that conventional viscometer is not satisfied to analyze these new materials.EMS viscometer is new viscosity technology and it has unique features which conventional rotational viscometers and capillary viscometers does not have.

Disposable container with sealed cap

EMS viscometer enables viscosity measurement by using sealed disposable container. 
The function is useful when the sample has property to react easily with oxgen in the atmosphere. It can prevent the reaction by replacing the air to inert gas in disposable container.
In contrast, when conventional viscometer is used for same application, large scale glove box needs to be prepared and the viscometer should be used inside the box. 

Optional titanium sphere probe

EMS viscometer has optional titanium sphere probe which is useful for the viscosity measurment in  acidic and alkaline solutions. 

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