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An aluminium sphere probe which rotates in an enclosed small glass tube – the EMS technology offers many substantial benefits compared to other Rotational and Capillary Viscometers.


1. Monitoring viscosity behavior in small volume

  • Monitoring viscosity with slow shear rate in small sample volume.

  • Useful to evaluate interactions between molecules when product design is considered.


2. No cleaning is required

  • Free from contamination by non-direct contact measurement and no cleaning steps is required after testing.

  • Safety for operator when volatility and harmful smell sample are measured.


3. Wide temp. range

  • Temp. range: 0 to 200 °C

  • Temp. stability: ±0.1 °C

  • Heating rate: within 10 mins from 25 -to 200 °C

  • A special program mode facilitates easy and fast studies of the temperature dependency of the viscosity. 


4. Usability

  • Sample volume required: 300 micro (standard) or 90 micro liter (option) 

  • Samples are reusable for other analysis by using clean disposable containers when precious samples are measured. 

  • Disposable container with sealing cap is very useful when volatile or strong smelling sample is measured.


5. Short measuring time

  • Only one second is required to measure samples with a viscosity below 100 mPa·s

  • Approx. one minute is enough to measure samples with viscosity of 10,000 mPa·s


6. Auto graph display

  • Real-time plot during measurement for viscosity vs meas.time, elapsed time, temperature, motor rotation speed (rpm) and shear rate. 

  • Easy to export data to your PC with CSV or for spread sheets


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