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Eliminate measurement inconsistencies and the need for cleaning with the EMS Viscometer!

The EMS-1000S Viscometer is seeing much use in universities for the research and development of new materials. It has become the choice of researchers owing to many features and advantages such as how simple it makes measuring samples with low viscosity and its ability to measure very small volumes. In today's article, we would like to introduce another advantage, that being its user-friendliness!

The most user-friendly professional viscometer on the market!

The EMS-1000S safely and consistently achieves highly accurate results regardless of operator skill and experience. In a lab setting with multiple students, you would expect a mixture of users that are proficient and not proficient with operating, measuring, and cleaning the instrument, and this invites inconsistencies in an instrument's performance and the precision of results achievable. With the EMS-1000S though, you just need to transfer your sample and probe to the sample tube before setting it in the machine and commencing safe and easy measurement. The days of worrying about inconsistencies borne of operator skill are gone!

As sample material is contained within the sample tube, there is no contact between it and the viscometer’s internals, ensuring safe, trouble-free measurement and eliminating both the need for cleaning and the possibility of leaving behind contaminating traces of sample that could affect the accuracy of proceeding measurements.

The temperature of the measuring cell is controlled internally and can be set between 0-200°C with a stability of ±0.1°C eliminating the need to heat or cool your sample with external equipment, another contributing factor to fool-proofing measurement.

We conducted an experiment to test the EMS-1000S's user-friendliness!

To test the EMS’s user-friendliness, we assembled 3 people to each attempt the measurement of the same sample of olive oil. The 3 people included an experienced user and 2 first-timers.

Instrument settings, probe selection, and conditions:

Measurement mode: Sequence mode

Probe: φ2 mm aluminum spherical probe

Measurement temperature: 25°C

Motor rotation speed: 1000rpm

Measurement time: I (1 second)

Number of repeat measurements: 5 / Operator

Measurement interval: 1 second

Measurement results:

As you can see from the results, excellent results were achieved by the 3 users regardless of operator skill.

We hope that you enjoyed the article! If you would like to know more about the EMS-1000S Viscometer, please feel free to contact us by clicking the yellow “contact” button at the top of the page! Thank you for reading.


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